Monday, December 6, 2010



  1. i'm still not so sure that number of lokos times four is the proper way to figure out how loko a pile of lokos is.
    i think it's better to do it to the power of the number of lokos. it's way more loko that way!
    so rather than having a pile of loko there that equals 32 loko, i'd say you have a pile of loko there that equals 65,536 loko (four to the eight power)!

  2. i'd say your math works based on the number of cans consumed by any single individual. if i have 1 can and you have 1 can we are each 4 loco. if i have 2 cans i'm totally 16 loco. 8 cans is way too loco for any single individual. however, if you wish to try to become sixtyfivethousandfivehundredandthirysix loco, please invite me to that party.